Hawkeye pillow - finished!


Ever since I got the first trade of Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye, I’ve wanted to make this pillow.  Those targets were perfect, and this has been on my to-do list ever since.


Side one:

Side two:

Please ignore the scrapped up windowsill, lol.  That is all the dog’s fault. :)

The yarn is Red Heart (of course) in Lavender, Medium Purple, and White.  I followed the blooming flower cushion pattern by Attic24, without the petals, obviously.

So happy with how it came out!


A cute pattern based off the Matt Fraction Hawkeye comics! Featuring the Bullseye, Chevron, and Heart, show your love for Clint Barton and Kate Bishop wherever you go!

Also available as prints, stationary cards, laptop skins, ipad skins/cases. and wall clocks.

Buy them @ society6.com/helterskelterxo

Please do not remove the credits/text as this is currently my only source of income at the moment. Thank you.

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Cleaned up and colored some sketches I did while at HeroesCon.

Hawkeye is a book I consistently love. It’s one of my favorites every month.

Iron Fist is one I’m new to. Comixology had a sale on The Immortal Iron Fist a while back and I read it and loved it (he punches a train and it explodes!!!). Not surprising, since it’s the same creative team for the most part as Hawkeye (Matt Fraction and David Aja). 

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