So, yeah, HOLY SHIT, we won BEST NEW SERIES at the Eisner Awards Friday night. The Eisner committee had to engrave the words “SEX CRIMINALS” on two of their trophies. I have hidden it in my home for when they realize what they’ve done and come to take it away from me.

It was a fantastic, nerve-wracking night, and jeez louise ain’t Matt Fraction the best? If it weren’t for him and his brilliant brain I’d be doodling dicks on cocktail napkins for spare change. I love that guy and can’t stress enough how great it’s been to work on this with him. He’s a great collaborator and a great friend and NO, YOU have something in your eye.

Oh, and issue seven is at the printers, printing away. No ads, all story and giant letters column. COMICS WOOOO



Producer Stuart Cohen has an amazingly comprehensive making-of blog regarding JOHN CARPENTER’S THE THING

there’s a great deal worth reading but maybe none moreso than the linked piece above, about how Carpenter took advantage of a six-week break in filming to watch what he had, realize it wasn’t working, and go to town on the whole affair with a scalpel.


Friday from 11-12 is the IMAGE PANEL in room 23 ABC. Me and Kel and Chip will be there and many many more.

Then from 12-2, roughly, at the IMAGE BOOTH there’s a ticketed signing. That’s a me-and-Chipper affair.

Then at 4 I’m doing the #HowardCon show with Bendis, Jim Lee, and Scott Snyder. That’s a small town hall style thing, I’m told; I don’t know if they’ve released where it’s going to be so if you’re into that kind of thing, search that hashtag some.

We’re presenting at the Eisners on Friday evening, Kel and I, so we’ll be there that evening. She will look dynamite in a [hot pink] floor-length stunnah; I will look like a hobo someone paid in lunchmeat to act as my assassination decoy.

Then on SATURDAY from 11-12, same deal, a ticketed thing at Image. I’ll just look like me then. 

Other than that I’ll do my level best to swing by the Fantagraphics booth, as it remains a singular thrill to buy Fanta stuff in advance of its publication, especially if it’s LOVE AND ROCKETS related, and even more so if it’s from Los Bros theyowndamnselves.