Hey Mr. Fraction, hope you're doing alright. One Hawkguy question - Does Clint really have no idea about Kate’s past and the things she’s gone through, and how much of his perception of her is sort of from behind rose-tinted glasses? I mean I agree that Kate Bishop is perfect and all but I have a feeling that Clint isn't seeing all of the things he should be seeing. Anyways, thanks for writing such a great series about two of my favorite characters.

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you’re talking about the baggage line, i bet — i think you’re letting a turn of phrase derail literally everything else about those two i’ve written? like, since YAP 6 maybe? of course he knows. he knows everything. or suspects it enough to know she’ll bring it up when she’s ready.

in that moment she hurt his feelings. he thought a silly, untrue, mean-spirited thing about her for a second. then there was another panel and we all moved forward.

(i mean all that respectfully! i hope it didn’t come off cross. sorry.)