Can you give me a playlist you hear when you're writing something ?

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lately i don’t listen to anything. too busy and not enough time. anything that threatens to derail focus needs to get shut down. Been listening to a lot of old soul, girl groups, new soul lately. some hip hop. death set. i listened to death set on the drive to Eugene the other day, but then drove home (and back the next week) in silence because i needed to write in my head.

a lot of times i’ll drop lyrics into stuff i’m listening to while i’m writing; old trick i picked up somewhere. from bob dylan using headlines as lyrics maybe, or maybe some kind of burroughs cutup thing. so that’s always a clue. if you read something of mine and it sounds like a lyric, it probably was, and i was probably stuck, and i tried typing whatever i heard and tried to turn that into words. 

there’s gotta be a better way to make a living.