Love your links to stuff by Alex Maleev and Bill Sienkiewicz. So great. I'm already getting my Maleev on via *Scarlet* and *Daredevil*. Got suggestions for your favorite, unmissable Bill Sienkiewicz books? Maybe *New Mutants* ca. 1984?

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hey man! love your stuff.

Predating NEW MUTANTS, there’re two MARVEL ESSENTIAL trades that collect his MOON KNIGHT work; that’s a bit like watching him become Sienkiewicz. It’s really startling — like watching SABOTEUR and seeing Hitchcock becoming Hitchcock.

there are a couple of NEW MUTANTS collections where Sienkiewicz really becomes *SIENKIEWICZ* that are great. Much like Chaykin’s TIME SQUARED it pushes things so far that it collides with what the printing tech of the time was physically capable. What came AFTER that, though - -the stuff he left NEW MUTANTS to do, is where the rubber meets the road.

His work with Frank Miller — DAREDEVIL: LOVE AND WAR and more importantly ELEKTRA: ASSASSIN are the apogee of that era, I think.  And I think you’ll see how big an influence on Bendis and Maleev these books were.

Bill’s STRAY TOASTERS is sort of like his DARK SIDE OF THE MOON — a nervous breakdown committed to paper. I can’t claim any particularly insider knowledge about Bill or his life then but there is an unmistakable air of art therapy to it. I love it, but it’s a tough read. 

For my money, though? His masterpiece is BROUGHT TO LIGHT, with Alan Moore — a “graphic docudrama” that covers the history of American covert operations from the end of the second World War through the mid-eighties. An absolutely stunning piece of work. Out of print but worth the hunt.

Only comics lets its masterpieces fall into cutout-bin obscurity, i swear to fucking god.


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