If you were to have Bobbi show up in Hawkeye, is there any chance you'd have Clint actually address what an ass he was to her about her rape by Phantom Rider and then how he reacted when she let him go? Cause, wow. I know there are problematic things all throughout every character's history but that one's kind awful. My read on Clint in your run feels miles away from the Clint back when he was with Bobbi but maybe I'm wrong. Or maybe I missed an apology between then and now.

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no; i don’t know how to bring that up without alienating anyone that’s not read the stuff required to understand it. not that it’s not a bad moment (for the character, for comics, for the sexual politic, etc)  but i’d rather go forward than ruminate backwards. He was an ass about LOTS of things, big and small. that, i think, people can get.

I’m working out how to bring Barney Barton in now, and that’s like a fucking minefield…