Hey Matt, I saw you're donating your payment from Hawkeye 7 to Sandy benefit stuff. First, I just wanted to say that is really awesome of you. The world could use more folks like you. I just wanted to say, and I'm not sure why you chose them and it obviously isn't my business, that if you were looking to make your dollars go further you might want to consider donating to the Occupy Sandy folks instead of the Red Cross. RC does not direct $ to individual disasters (a good policy in some ways)...

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but a lot of local folks out here have found R.C. ineffective and ineffectual. Occupy Sandy is all volunteer run and are on the ground in the hardest hit areas. Red Cross is a huge org that gets millions in donations and spreads it all over (again, good) but sometimes things get lost in the shuffle of bureaucracy. I’ve seen the good the Occupy Sandy folks are doing with little support and 0 recognition is the only reason I bring it up. Either way, thanks for caring about people.-Matthew

I chose them because it was apolitical. And regardless of how I feel about the Occupy movement — support, and admire, profusely — something like this would’ve been viewed as a political gesture rather than an altruistic one and stopped people from buying in. 

And this was a thing that happened as close to overnight as these things can happen, so I had to go with the big safe choice, not only for acceptibility’s sake but because i was doing press as soon as we got the green light (you can see, in some of the interviews, how the story of hte issue itself changes day to day, as i’d started writing it and had a better idea what was happening) and had no time to research. I thought there was safety in the brand-recognition of the Red Cross if, for no other reason, than nobody, ha ha, could take issue with it. shows what the fuck i know.

occupy sandy are (is?) doing great work. They’ve raised over a million for NY and NJ as of tonight  (under about an 80/20 split).  sorry i’m not personally contributing more, but my concern was raising as much money as possible and, in my fundraising experience, controversy and politics can serve as a barrier.