oh, tumbles

i tend to think of this as twitter for the eyes; a constant churning feed of raw visual fuel. in as much as the people i actually read on twitter are either friends or hilarious, so has tumblr’s functionality to me appeared to be a flow of that fuel. so here’s a chunk of fellow-tumblrs i have very quickly come to think of as indispensable.  

This Isn’t Happiness should be, like, mandatory viewing for everyone, everywhere, always.

Cinephile Archive is an actual goddamn treasure. If you love movies this place is curated lovingly just for you.

Retrogirly floods my feed with amazing shots of women from foreverago. I work from home, so the only things I consider NSFW are, like, fire and radon gas; if you work somewhere that lets you dick around on the internet but draws the line at tits — maybe don’t go there.

Mr Porter is the tumblr extension of Mr. Porter dot com and if you like me don’t want to dress like you’re seventeen anymore and also don’t want to dress like your dad, maybe you should check it out. 

Sloth Unleashed by Mudwerks. I know, without a doubt, if I ever met this dude, we’d get along famously. I could, and have some days, just reblogged everything he posts. Great. Great great.

The excellent Frank Santoro teaches a comics correspondence class and both sites are full of innovative work and thinking about comics. If you care about the medium beyond its potential as entertainment, these are musts. Santoro’s site is obviously broader in scope but still a lot of fun.

Two of my favorite guys in comics, Brian Bendis and Steve Niles are so preternaturally good at tumblr it’s kind of weird. Excellence abounds.

OK. Go forth and waste time at work more wonderfully.


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