spoilers, obv.


I love this cover so much. Boy i sure wish they didn’t move that logo up to accommodate that IRON MAN 3 logo at the bottom. Also this was meant for february, but the hurricane issue pushed it. It was also at the printer abnormally long? i remember being surprised it didn’t come out last week or the week before even based on how long ago we sent it off. These vagaries vex me and illude my control. Anyway. So… yeah. okay, here we go.


I just wanted to see David draw Jarvis. Sorry!


So I had this idea, back when I wrote issue 6, i had this idea about a new way to… well. new ways. this whole book is a continuing experiment and experience in New Ways. and we are down in it now. But mostly? Mostly there is Jarvis.


Fun echoes of 8 here. Pull out your scissors and keep ‘em near…


The Work Wife. Ms. Wright (har har). Darlene Wright. Also, “Oh, Da.” was a Wacker bit. Credit where it’s due; the man’s a great editor and awesome at punch-up moments like that.


Isn’t there an apple store up there now?


People look at aja and think mazzuchelli and i get it (and so does he) but that’s like looking at a christmas tree covered with tinsel and saying “silver”



Keep. Safe.”

Maybe one day I’ll post a photograph of the hawkguy timeline… maybe extras in the collection.

did you know matt hollingsworth does color test sketches?  never seen anything like it.he emailed ‘em out of the blue the other day and i think david and i had heart attacks. i want to run those too…


Been waiting a long time to finally get to write Bobbi; sorry it took so long. Also can we talk about how amazing that hair is? Also what time is it? When did he go to sleep? Snip snip.


hey look! action almost happens!


The Bronson Brothers are an invention of Mr. David Aja but I promise you they’ll be back.

Because you can’t spell BRONSON without a little B-R-O


Too on the nose? Eh, maybe. What can you do? Oh, aside from not write so on the fucking nose I mean. Once the book left the month I should’ve struck this. Ahh well.


Clint’s birthday is June 18th — Mark Gruenwald’s birthday. His address is DIPLOMAT HOTEL 3208 N. Sheffield, Chicago, IL, 60657. I used to live right next door. It’s not the Diplomat anymore. it was chicago’s last SRO joint. we used to call the neighborhood bums ‘diplomats.’  ”Barney Barton/ Rambling Brothers Circus/ No fixed address” is his emergency contact. I would like to believe that is Aja’s actual handwriting.

Since I already got asked about the poster… yknow what, no, you figure out what it means to you and there you go that’s what it means. But i’ll say this: they’re not gonna fuck. She doesn’t want to fuck him and he doesn’t want to fuck her. It’s not going to happen. They never daydream about it. They don’t wonder about it. They won’t idly pass the time thinking what if. There is nothing sexual in their relationship. Flirtatious? At times. Sexy, even? To a point, maaaybe? I don’t even want to play with will they or won’t they. Because they won’t. So I’ll say, again, unequivocally, as long as I’m on this book, it’s not in the cards even remotely for either of them. I am interested in a love between these two that has nothing to do with sex or physical/sexual attraction. The dog won’t die and they won’t fuck. The end.

i know this is the internet, and i know it’s tumblr, so it’s tough, but remove sex from LOLITA: what about the story of Humbert Humbert and Delores Haze might relate to Kate? 


This was originally scripted to be the old flying sky-cycle thing. I don’t mind the change, but I’m getting that fucker in this book somehow. Also: nothing is by accident.


I wish I could tell you all the Kate stuff, right now. Steve and I twittered about it a couple weeks back; I don’t think anybody noticed. Kate! Kate. She’s the best. 


Oh hey look:


 there. kate plans.


my favorite thing about this monstrous and sad thing was noticing the stunning lack of fucks pizza dog gives.


The first act of self-preservation we’ve seen from Clint! Everything’s on the up-up-up for ol’ Hawkguy!


That thing you will learn about next issue. You’ll also learn all about our issue’s Mystery Fucker in great detail.


Not the first time you’ve seen that dog. Not the last time you’ll see that dog… 

If you’re reading solicits and shit you can start to see the shape of things; this is why I hate solicits and hate that you can read them this far out.


This was coming from the first issue; sorry. For what it’s worth, though? Grills’ dad wasn’t, but now we’ve got him, annnnd… And this story is just beginning.  And ending and we’re right in the middle all at once. Does it still work? I dunno. Is it sustainable? We’ll try our best. 

NEXT ISSUE: Who the shit is that fuck?


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