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Hawkguy day!

• today: H17. Winter Friends. The very last moment of light before the storm. Chris Eliopoulos and Jordie Bellaire and David. Something sweet and silly and light. Because oh fuck —

• next: H18. Friendly Ghost. Kate and the Cat Food Man mystery. It’s been done and gone a while now. Probably out in 30. Annie Wu’s best issue yet. Brutal and smart and gorgeous.

• then: H19. I was up late dotting i’s and crossing t’s with my ASL educator-friend and her deaf daughter last night on this one…

I have sent you a few photos of my Hawkeye cosplay photos over twitter (theta_doctor or Toki) and every time you have given me an excited response. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for that. I'm not exactly small and more than once I've been told I shouldn't cosplay because of my weight. Now when people feel the need to be shitlords I just think to myself, "The person who writes the comic likes my costume, who the fuck are you?" So, really, thank you.

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Heyah Toki,

DL this, print it out, and keep it with you to do so as you please.



HAWKGUY lego variant by leonel castellani. i have no idea. BUT i have a new lucky star to thank each night. sorry, leonel; the CMKY to RGB conversion makes your purples look super-janky on tumblr. Be advised the actual cover has much less acidic-dayglo purple, folks.

HAWKGUY…15? cover. 16? 14? shit i forget. and WAIT until you see what aja cranked out the next one. A perfect summer look for all you Katesplayers out there. there’s lots of other hidden words in the puzzle but apparently “we draw the line” at ‘HAIL SATAN.’  oh well. I tried.*

FF page from HAWKGUY 12: “The Identified Patient” which went to press TODAY. err… TONIGHT. It used to be called “Then Came Barney” but I changed my mind. So any of you that remember me talking about “Then Came Barney”… now it’s “The Identified Patient.” it is somehow darker than HAWKGUY 10, making Francesco — who is human effervescence in real life — our personal harbinger of doom and darkness. buckle up, buttercups.

what’s got two thumbs and doesn’t want to write anymore tonight**

* I did not try
** this guy