last night’s HAWKGUY signing

at Floating World Comics here in PDX brought in $480.90 for the Red Cross and Sandy relief.

so our total donations so far are at $1340.48 (Floating World signing + House of Secrets signing + We Love Fine raffle at ECCC) and all that’s before my paycheck, and any incentives for the book — which I discovered last night is already in a second printing —  have been factored in. 

adding in kelly sue’s boats — people donating in honor of team hawkguy during the HoS signing — which we didn’t ask people to disclose, you can safely guesstimate we’ve all done at least $2500.00 by this point, with more to come.



was how much cash you guys put into the bucket at  last week.
And, look — the only event I’ve ever done anywhere CLOSE to that had at least four other guys, all of whom were bigger names than me. I got there at 5:40 and signed nonstop until 9:15. There was literally a line out the door and down the damn street. The shop moved about 200 copies of the book off the rack. and — yeah. a giant cookie jar stuffed with CASH.

Concurrent to that, Kelly Sue’s 100 Boat Challenge made more than $1200.00. So we’re somewhere around 2 grand and we’ve not even gotten into me donating my incentives from either paper or digital. Which — hey, the issue sold out at distro level ON WEDNESDAY and is already going back to second print — might add up to something. 
Anyway, my point:
This was amazing.
In fact, Team #Hawkguy, you guys have inspired me — I’m gonna donate my page rate from the issue, too.
In other words — every dime I’ve made or will make from #Hawkguy 7, I’m giving to the Red Cross for Sandy recovery. However much it all ends up being, when I know, you’ll know (at least up to the point at which people may feel I violate whatever NDAs I’ve signed. I think I can at least show you guys the check we write, if not break out the exact amounts? I dunno. We’ll burn that bridge when we come to it)
Thank you. This job is full of high-class problems but every now and again you get reminded that it’s full of high-class people too.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.