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How does salary work in the comics industry? Do you make your living based on sales? the amount of books you write? or something different?

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I can only speak for myself: at marvel i have a page rate, and then, on top of that, there are certain incentives and bonuses triggered by any number of events or variables. i make my living based on the number of scripts i produce; nearly everything else is unpredictable — or unreliable — gravy. 

creator-owned stuff is entirely different and is usually generated by sales, so payment, if any, comes after bills are paid, publishers have broken even, taken their cut, sales are tallied, etc.

Is there a chance of cameos from The Order in your future Marvel work? Henry featured in Stark Disassembled and Supernaut was an easter egg in the 5 Nightmares. Can Becky Ryan support Darla Deering on tour? A Maggie Neuntauben film poster in Hawkguy?

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I’d be surprised. Thanks for enjoying it though.