was how much cash you guys put into the bucket at  last week.
And, look — the only event I’ve ever done anywhere CLOSE to that had at least four other guys, all of whom were bigger names than me. I got there at 5:40 and signed nonstop until 9:15. There was literally a line out the door and down the damn street. The shop moved about 200 copies of the book off the rack. and — yeah. a giant cookie jar stuffed with CASH.

Concurrent to that, Kelly Sue’s 100 Boat Challenge made more than $1200.00. So we’re somewhere around 2 grand and we’ve not even gotten into me donating my incentives from either paper or digital. Which — hey, the issue sold out at distro level ON WEDNESDAY and is already going back to second print — might add up to something. 
Anyway, my point:
This was amazing.
In fact, Team #Hawkguy, you guys have inspired me — I’m gonna donate my page rate from the issue, too.
In other words — every dime I’ve made or will make from #Hawkguy 7, I’m giving to the Red Cross for Sandy recovery. However much it all ends up being, when I know, you’ll know (at least up to the point at which people may feel I violate whatever NDAs I’ve signed. I think I can at least show you guys the check we write, if not break out the exact amounts? I dunno. We’ll burn that bridge when we come to it)
Thank you. This job is full of high-class problems but every now and again you get reminded that it’s full of high-class people too.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

HAWKGUY 7: The Flood

So we blew up our schedule on HAWKGUY just a little bit to work a special issue into our schedule — #7, January, is now a book told in halves, each about Hurricane Sandy and our intrepid Hawkguys (or Lady Hawkguy if you prefer) dealing with Things. Clint finds himself helping an evacuation in Far Rockaway; Kate is in a fancy dress stuck in a hotel on the Atlantic City boardwalk.

NOV120725 • NOV120725 • NOV120725 • NOV120725 • NOV120725

STEVE LIEBER handles the Clint half; JESSE HAMM, the Kate half. They are geniuses and are perfect partners for this endeavor. 

NOV120725 • NOV120725 • NOV120725 • NOV120725 • NOV120725

Here’s the thing: at Marvel I am paid performance-based incentives. The better my books sell, the nicer the check is, when the nice check comes. 

I’m donating all of my incentives from the sales of HAWKGUY #7 to the Red Cross.

The better the sales on the issue, the bigger the check I write. 

Team HAWKGUY? You guys have been amazing — vocal and visible and amazing in your support of our book. I hate to ask you for anything more, but maybe this one, maybe issue 7, tell your comic shop to hold you *two* copies? Give one to somebody not reading the book maybe, I dunno. It’ll only help HAWKEYE and you’ll be making the check bigger.

And if you hate HAWKGUY, or the character, or me or my books? Tell your shop to hold you TEN for all I care. Make the check hurt to write!

NOV120725 • NOV120725 • NOV120725 • NOV120725 • NOV120725

The order code is NOV120725. Give that to your comic shop, tell them how many you want, and they’ll take care of you.


There will be more press this week. I’m gonna be as loud and as visible as I can with this. Thanks for your patience with me in advance.

NOV120725 • NOV120725 • NOV120725 • NOV120725 • NOV120725 

And thanks again, Team Hawkguy. With your hawkblocking and pizza-dogging, tumblring and twittering, creepy shipping (THAT’S RIGHT I SEE YOU), screencapping, and incredible ‘shopping — you guys let us know, right away, we were onto something, that you heard us and saw us and dug what we were doing. You’re amazing, all of you. 

Last day to tell your shop you want copies of HAWKEYE #7 is DECEMBER 17th. Book drops JANUARY 16th.

NOV120725 • NOV120725 • NOV120725 • NOV120725 • NOV120725