Some things:

1) the diaphragm story happened to kelly sue, only it was even more unbelievable. Three different diaphragms shot out and bounced around the room before the perfection of her cervix was revealed and the intern-train was pulled.

2) robert rainbow’s parents. this was real. this happened to a friend only a)they weren’t pegging and b)the dad was pointing to the ceiling and shouting “let me show you where I’m gonna take you” as he rammed again and again into his lady-fair. the robe-and-dog-collar thing came straight from her story though. i think in the script i described the Rainbows as looking like Mac and Quon Le from NIGHT COURT

3) there was a place at a mall here in portlandia that had chicken so good i still dream about it. now they are closed and i have a chicken-finger shaped hole in my heart. brian bendis brought me two bags of ‘em the night tallulah was born. he burst into the room, a sack of chicken in each hand, sweating and out of breath, said “Mazel tov, mazel tov,” handed me the chicken bags, and then ran out of the room again. it was a really special day.

4) we always knew the missing cat man would come back but weren’t sure when or how exactly.

5) no, me and chip weren’t in the script. that was chip being chip.

6) the shrok story is real. it happened to chip. we came up with “shrok” at dinner after heroes con on sunday this past june. i drew him in my notebook.

7) we are working on a line of “running is bullshit” running attire with rstevens. keep your eyes on www.brimper.com

8) “robert rainbow” is the name of a Brimper’s real-life brother. She told me about him at the Carol Corps meetup at ECCC this year. Out of respect for her (and his i guess) privacy i won’t ID her here but — somewhere, out there, in the world, there really is a Robert Rainbow. he’s not a pussy doctor though. at least i don’t think he is. 

9) Dr. Rainbow: Pussy Doctor is coming this fall to CBS

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